Black & Veatch: Build Business Resilience with Climate-Adaptive Infrastructure

30 January 2023 | Lisa Hall

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., January 30, 2023 /CSRwire/ — As climate change supercharges hurricanes, flooding and drought, U.S. businesses realize the potentially high cost of vulnerability, with flooding a prime example. According to a study by First Street Foundation and Arup, about 730,000 U.S. retail, office and multi-unit residential properties are at risk of flood damage. The potential structural damage associated with this probabilistic flooding is $13.5 billion, and lost working days could total 3 million. Compounding matters is that local economies would lose nearly $50 billion due to lost business output and indirect impacts that create cascading effects down the economic chain.

“…. the best plans for sustainable systems work across geography and ecology to emphasize an area’s natural resilience features and work in sync with Mother Nature.

Babcock Ranch, Florida, serves as a great example.”

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