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Davey Financial
I am an independent consultant with over 40 years of experience in financial services. My expertise is in helping those that want to lower their investment risk and put their retirement income on auto-pilot! Whether you are already retired, working toward retirement, or seeking ways to invest for your children or grandchildren to get a head start on their retirement plan, I can give you valuable ideas for creating an income that is guaranteed to be there for a lifetime.
Business Description

For a free financial plan, use this link: My mission is to help you lower the risk in your investment portfolio and increase the amount of money you will have to spend in retirement. There is so much uncertainty with Social Security, the economy and the stock market, that it’s wise to broaden your knowledge and take advantage of my free analysis. I offer investments that have guarantees and no market risk. I can also help you save money on insurance. The first step is to have a conversation about your needs and goals, review your financial plan and offer ideas that best meet your criteria. The smartest people I know have more than one financial advisor. My advisory group includes five financial professionals with different specialties, that I refer to should you need them.

16145 Palmetto Street
Punta Gorda
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