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Florida Closets and More
Simple and affordable custom home storage solutions. Babcock resident-owned and operated.
Business Description

We offer custom home storage solutions for the most-used, but often overlooked, parts of your home. Spaces like a pantry or closet are important pieces of a home and when they are cluttered or messy they add stress to your life and waste your precious time. Maximizing those spaces and bringing all those items into view by simply adding shelves or drawers takes away that stress and gives our customers that time back to spend with their family or the ability to spend it enjoying living a better life in Babcock Ranch.

As a Babcock Ranch resident-owned company we believe in the vision of Babcock Ranch and believe that our neighbors deserve all the services of the surrounding cities. That is why we take a small town approach to a service that is normally only offered by large corporate companies.

Allow us to remove some stress and clutter from your home and give you back control over some of the most important spaces in your home.

+1 (239) 284-2382
17540 Canopy Ct
Punta Gorda
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