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TLH Consulting Group, LLC
Courts around the country are in a major transition as they switch from paper driven processes to electronic courts. TLH Consulting offers what court managers need most as they take the leap – first-hand knowledge of the challenges ahead and a proven ability to build collaboration, secure buy-in from all the players, and get everyone working together toward a common goal.
Business Description

The biggest challenge for those tasked with implementing e-filing is that it must be accomplished without disrupting the conveyor belt – with vendors who have very limited understanding of court operations. That’s where TLH Consulting Group comes in. Firm principal Tom Hall has been front and center as the Florida courts have undertaken this difficult journey. He bridges the communications gap with a strong understanding of what courts need, and what the developers and programmers need as they build systems to meet those needs.

As project sponsor for the development of the Electronic Florida Appellate Court Technology Solution (eFACTS) Tom had primary responsibility for the interaction between court operational staff and technology designers. He was a leader on the Florida Courts E-filing Portal and again served as the liaison between the clerks of court and the court system. TLH can help you leverage that knowledge for the development and implementation of your new system.

(850) 251-1972
42271 Lake Timber Drive
Babcock Ranch
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