Charlotte and Lee Counties Here in the region of Charlotte and Lee Counties, the numbers tell a story of powerful growth: a 13.8% increase in population between 2014 and 2019, with another 8.5% increase expected in the next five years. Also, a 15.1% increase in jobs during that time, for a job creation rate that outpaced national growth rate by over 8%. The numbers also tell a story of strength, in a labor force of 420,000+, out of a total population of 962,000+, with 24% of the workforce holding an Associate’s Degree or higher, and with 5,700+ graduates produced annually from Florida Gulf Coast University and Florida SouthWestern State College. Furthermore, the data reveals opportunity for unimpeded productivity, in a state the Tax Foundation ranks 4th in the nation for positive business tax climate, and in a region where violent and property crimes rates are approximately 25% below the national average. The numbers, and the advantages, add up to a powerful location solution for your operation in the Southwest Florida region
420k labor force
5,700 annual graduates of higher education
98.4 cost of living score
8.5% population growth in the next 5 years


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