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Nothing new under the sun? You don’t believe that, and neither do we. We are the world’s first new town utilizing an on-site 150-megawatt utility-scale solar generation facility to produce more clean, renewable energy than we consume. We are also part of the largest single land acquisition for preservation in Florida history. But Babcock Ranch is not simply making history, we are making tomorrow: We are creating an environment unlike any other to nurture your business success in ways that empower your entire enterprise through sustainability and innovation. This is the kind of supportive setting you may have dreamed of, but never before dreamed possible. In a customized facility, watch your success take root rapidly.


Here in the nation’s first solar city, we are realizing a vision of unprecedented scale and ambition: An 18,000-acre sustainable mixed-use development nestled beside a 73,000-acre nature preserve. Everything workers and business needs to thrive is right here: Housing for all, town centers, shopping and dining, a medical park, office and light industrial. Redundant fiber network. A wealth of inviting lifestyle amenities that are seamlessly integrated into an environmentally and socially sustainable approach to life and work. Connected to the earth, connected to each other, we are creating success we can believe in, and so can you.
18k acres
19,500 homes
6 million square feet commercial


Babcock Ranch has entitled 6 million square feet for development of light industrial, retail, commercial, civic and office space. That means your business has the room and the resources to grow in a collaborative environment conducive for creation of value across sectors, from sustainable technologies to software development, from data centers to corporate headquarters, from sports performance to research and development, from consultancies to creative endeavors.


Woven into the infrastructure and permeating the serene and inviting atmosphere, Babcock Ranch’s sustainability translates into competitive advantages that are both measurable—in lowered utility costs and higher productivity, for example–and yet beyond measure in establishing and enhancing your enterprise brand identity, and in fulfilling your organizational values. Babcock Ranch puts you on the map as a sustainability leader, and it locates your operation near critical markets with strategic logistical options.


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