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Connections: That’s a vital Babcock Ranch location advantage. In the heart of Southwest Florida your operation “plugs into” key assets from the start.

Connect to critical markets and materials rapidly and cost-effectively, thanks to strategic proximity and transportation options that include Florida State Road 31 and State Road 80, as well as I-75, Florida’s premier commercial corridor. Excellent air service at Southwest Florida International (RSW) in Fort Myers and the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) add enhanced flexibility and ease to your logistical portfolio. The Babcock Ranch location gets products and people to desired destinations, on time and under budget.

The Babcock Ranch location also links your organization to Southwest Florida’s high-performance right-to-work labor force in a state that’s home to the nation’s #1 university system. And with housing for all available onsite, and an average commute time of only 26 minutes for those who live offsite, your Babcock Ranch operation can easily attract the high caliber workforce you require.

Finally, and crucially, this is also a location that connects and correlates your business to authentic sustainability leadership. Babcock Ranch was conceived and developed as America’s first solar city and became a reality as part of the largest single land purchase in Florida history, over 91,000 acres, of which 73,000 acres were sold to the state of Florida to be set aside as natural lands preserved in perpetuity. Babcock Ranch sits adjacent to this preserve, where extraordinary progress is already being made in bolstering wetland vitality among other milestones, making it a wellspring of value for your brand identity. You’ll also enjoy greater peace of mind now as well as ease in the future, since the preserved acreage eliminates the possibility of development and accompanying traffic congestion.
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