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That Babcock Ranch offers Florida’s finest quality of place is a given, a crucial competitive advantage for your operation in recruiting and retaining a world-class workforce, regardless of sector. In fact, any organization embracing innovation and seeking true sustainability and vibrant connectivity will find it all here. That includes:


Whether  your operation is entrepreneurial or well-established, the potential for profits here is impressive. This is the right place at the right time, as an immediate $230+ million influx of investment in solar is ready to pour into Florida from energy providers including FPL, which already operates the nation’s largest solar plus storage system in Babcock Ranch. Enjoy cluster advantages of proximity to the Emergent Technologies Institute at Florida Gulf Coast University, as well as significant logistical advantages that include proximity to I-75. Connect to tomorrow’s workforce today. Florida’s university system has been named #1 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, and here in Southwest Florida educational assets that will power-up your team include 10 universities and colleges and five career-technical schools, many of which offer IT-related degrees and certificates.

964,000 labor market area population
77,209 average household income
26.8 minute average commute time in labor market area


If you are an entrepreneur in the invention and/or innovation mind space, if your passion is to create the technology of tomorrow, there’s no better place to be than Babcock Ranch. Creativity thrives in this unique setting, where a next-generation technology infrastructure underlies a striking natural beauty—which in turn melds pleasingly with a pedestrian-friendly environment and creativity-focused amenities. Babcock Ranch’s excellent schools spark creativity and critical thinking through project-based STEAM learning, while the area’s wealth of university and technical programs in business, IT, graphic design and other creative avenues, strengthens knowledge and stokes ingenuity. For example, at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and School of Entrepreneurship, students are provided the tools, knowledge and resources to create exciting innovations and new businesses, with more than 400 businesses launched since 2016.


The med tech sector is thriving in Florida, a state ranked #2 in the U.S. for FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facilities. And At Babcock Ranch, Florida advantages are amplified and enhanced in low costs and high-quality workforce. Thanks to the area’s low-cost living, the average wage in medical device sector is 58% lower than the national average. And thanks to powerful educational resources, workforce caliber is excellent.

Florida’s university system has been ranked #1 by U.S. News and World Report, and the Southwest Florida region offers 10 universities and colleges, and five career-technical schools. At Babcock Ranch your operation can also leverage access to leading health care systems, including the Lee Health System, while a strategic location and logistical options get your products to markets faster. All together: a healthier bottom line for your operation.


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