When Syd Kitson set out in 2005 to create Babcock Ranch, the road to realizing the dream might have seemed long, but the assembly of designs, plans and staff showed immediately that innovation and improvement, both as an attitude and a practice, would always be key..  Babcock Ranch leadership and community stakeholders are committed to the development’s success—and to yours.

Strategic vision

Babcock Ranch is guided by eight core initiatives – core values that add up to a whole new sustainable way of living.

These core initiatives—environment, health, education, energy, technology, transportation, storm safety and fun—serve not only as guiding principles but also as springboards for new concepts and methods. Babcock Ranch will never cease to improve, adapt, and flourish.  


Genuine sustainability, genuine value.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of the community through solar energy, water efficiency, strategic native landscaping, the use of sustainable local materials, and construction to Florida Green building standards. Unrivaled in its beauty and serenity, this sustainable environment attracts and retains the highest quality workforce, and facilitates higher engagement and productivity. Genuine sustainability supports your organization’s core values, the values of your employees, and the value of your brand identity as a transformational leader.


Healthier, stronger employees for a healthier bottom line.

While a healthy lifestyle is built into our pedestrian-friendly design, our Healthy Life Center and our partnership with Lee Health offer a vibrant variety of health services and programs for residents and workers. Wellness is a powerful perk. A healthier, more active and engaged worker is a more productive team member with deeper organizational ties. Aerial view of Founder's Square

Life-Long Learning

STEAM-powered skills.

Babcock Ranch is building skills at the earliest stages in schools where STEAM curriculum and project-based learning (PBL) hone critical thinking skills. Today, we’re preparing the agile, empowered workforce of tomorrow.

Solar energy

Brilliant for your bottom line.

FPL low-cost solar power isn’t just smart for the environment, it’s brilliant for your bottom line, bringing outstanding cost efficiency, stable pricing and redundancy.


Redundant Fiber.

As the first master-planned, greenfield smart city with global network access points and built-in redundancy, Babcock Ranch offers a “living laboratory” where innovators can connect to the world—and change the world. CenturyLink’s fiber is built right into our infrastructure: a redundant fiber ring with North and South entrances, being fed from two cities.


Reaching markets and sustainability goals.

Babcock Ranch “walks the walk” in sustainability with a pedestrian-friendly design and amenities like Babcock bikes, electrics vehicle charging stations and car/bike sharing programs.

Storm safety

Ease and cost-efficiency.

Babcock Ranch’s location, 30 miles inland and 30 feet above sea level, insulates your operation from adverse weather, saving you time, hassles and money, first by eliminating many traditional Florida mitigation requirements, thus lowering capital and construction costs. Also, underground utility lines and building codes designed to meet Category 4 storm standards provide security, stability and lower insurance costs.


A community that nurtures productivity, team building and loyalty.

The extraordinary sense of place built into Babcock Ranch translates into an environment where workers feel engaged and valued, where thinking and spirit are continually refreshed, and where company events take on enjoyably special meaning and significance. Deeper human connections flourish here, facilitated by weekly and ongoing events like Live Music on the Oak, Food Truck Fridays and Sunset Sangria Saturdays, and by special celebrations such as the annual Dragon Boat Challenge, Balloon Fest, Festival of Kites, Bright Bike Parade and Doggie Dash 5K & Bark in the Park. There’s always something to enjoy here—and more time to enjoy it. Eliminating long commutes yields bonuses in time, satisfaction and energy. Babcock Ranch is truly the best life for business.


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