babcock ranch in the news

Broadcast Links

PBS News Hour – “Small Florida Community Aims for Energy Independence” April 2021
NBC Nightly News Films – “Solar City” documentary, April 2020
PBS News Hour – “Can an Entire Town Run on Solar?” November 2018
TF-1-France – “Floride : à la découverte de la ville la plus écolo du monde” March 2019
Fox News Channel – “Babcock Ranch is America’s First Solar-Powered Town” June 2018
 CBS Morning News – “Inside America’s First Solar-Powered Town” January 2018
ABC News – “Welcome to Florida’s Babcock Ranch, America’s First Solar-Powered Town” January 2018

Print Publications

Forbes – “A Look Inside Babcock Ranch”

Gulfshore Life Magazine – “Birth of a Notion” May 2019

Washington Post – “Running on The Sun” March 2019

Christian Science Monitor – “In the Sunshine State, a Vision for a Sustainable Town” March 2018

Daily Telegraph – “Inside America’s first solar-powered town – but is it a vision of the future?” February 2018

LeMonde – “En Floride, ville verte privée cherche habitants fortunés” January 2018


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